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First Southern Bank, being an entity comprised of the Board of Directors, the Officers, the Employees and its Customers has long since had a philosophy of stability. First Southern Bank has been in the community since 1960 providing sound financial services to the surrounding area for 55 years. The main services of the institution are insured deposit products, including certificates of deposits, savings accounts and various checking accounts for both consumer and commercial entities. Diverse types of loans are offered to homeowners, consumers and businesses. The major goals of the institution are to maintain our personal and friendly atmosphere, to continue with sound and stable practices, to continue offering services which will meet the needs of our surrounding communities, to remain in compliance with all laws and regulations, to advance as the financial institution in the community and consequently maintain capital requirements and provide our stockholders a good return on their investment.

The Board of Directors is diverse in its composition which allows expertise for various business, professional and technical areas. This aspect greatly enhances the decision process and ultimately the soundness of the Institution due to the wide range of knowledge and experience represented by this group. The officers of the institution collectively possess years of experience and various educational degrees in financial and technical fields. The remaining staff is unusually stable and well trained through experience and/or through formal education. The stability in the work force is due partly to the fact that management and the Board of Directors understand the value of good employees and try to compensate the employees adequately. Management also realizes that a good environment is an important asset when dealing with employees as well as customers. The Institution offers financial assistance to employees who desire to expand or continue formal education.

The customer base is one that is wide in all aspects. The Institution can boast of a wide range of customers of all ages, geographic location and economic status due in part to the wide range of services offered by the Institution. The staff prides itself in being the friendliest and most personable institution in the area.